Meghalaya: Homeless Man Kills Stray Dog For Meat In Shillong

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  • Gargee Nandi

In a shocking incident females stray was killed in broad daylight in Lawmali, Shillong on 1st July.

The innocent animal was whacked with an iron rod while she was sleeping as told by Shillong_ Happytails, an organisation which works for strays.

The dog was rushed to the veterinary hospital but sadly succumbed to her injuries. Later the dog was properly buried by Shillong _Happytails.

The perpetrator said he killed the dog for “meat“ when asked to justify his inhuman act. The police said “ The person has been detained for his crime and has been identified as a homeless person. To not set him free to repeat this crime, he has been sent to the shelter home. We are further enquiring and the person who has committed the crime shall be punished”.

Shillong _ Happytails is an organisation that was started last year by Vanisha Wahlang and Sheetal Wahlang. They feed, rescue, and sterilize the stray animals. They also added that such crimes happen almost every week and the culprit gets away every time.

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