Israel Strikes At Gaza Strip, After Hamas Launches Fire Balloons

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Israeli fighter aircrafts bombarded Hamas site in Gaza Strip, after the incendiary balloon launch.

Gaza’s Islamist terrorist, Hamas confirmed the attack on one of its site.

While, Israel military spokesperson said it had hit a Hamas weapons manufacturing site.

There were no immediate reports of casualties from the strike.

These fire balloons were reportedly launched by the Hamas across the border, causing fires that have burned fields in Israel.

According to Reuters report, Hamas believe these balloons pressurized Israel to ease restrictions on the coastal enclave, tightened during the May dispute.

Israel says such steps are contingent on Hamas preserving calm along the frontier.

The recent Israel-Gaza Strip Conflict has killed Gaza and Israeli citizens.

The fate of the Palestinian children bombed from the sky while residing under the barbarism of seige.

With rockets landing inside the Gaza enclave, almost 67 Palestinian children were killed amid the recent conflict.

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