Statues Of Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II Toppled Down In Canada

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The statues of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II were felled down in Canada, after numerous remains of indigenous children were retrieved from unmarked graves.

On Thursday, July 1 during the Canadian Day rally, these statues were toppled at the legislature in Winnipeg.

This was a consequence of the mounting anger over the deaths of indigenous children at Canada’s residential schools.

The protestors tied the statues with ropes and was brought down by the crowd. The crowd chanted “No pride in genocide” before pulling down the statues of the monarchs.

““It’s unfortunate that they chose to express themselves the way that they did. But it’s actually a symbol of the fact that there is a lot of hurt and that there’s a lot of frustration and anger with just how things have happened.” – asserted by Arlen Dumas, the grand chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs.

According to New York Times, as many as 1000 unmarked graves have been found across British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

All of these sites belonged to former government-funded “residential schools” run by the Catholic Church.

More than 150,000 Indigenous Canadian children were believed to be forcefully separated from their parents and brought to attend these schools during the 19th and 20th centuries.

An estimated 6,000 children died while attending these schools.

The British government has condemned the toppling of the two statues.

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