Arunachal Pradesh: Demarcation of Chakma Settlements Soon

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  •  Thuptensange Mento

To demarcate the boundaries of Chakma settlements in Arunachal Pradesh, the state government has formed a state-level committee.

It is to be noted that All Mishmi Student Union, All Arunachal Pradesh Student Union, and various other student and social groups have been demanding the deportation of Chakmas from Arunachal Pradesh for some time now.

However the matter is still sub-judice in the Supreme Court of India. In the meantime, the government has come up with a state-level committee demarcate areas where Chakmas are dwelling for now.

Chakmas were settled by the Indian Govt between 1964 to 1969 in designated settlement blocks in Arunachal. As time went by, the Chakmas started settling in new areas.

Recently violence took place in Mishmi village when reportedly a Chakma mob forcibly entered it. Allegedly 15 rounds were shot which was later denied by Chakmas in a press briefing.

But All Mishmi Student Union claimed police deployed there witnessing the incident,

APSU Vice President in his statement to the media demanded for a census of Chakmas as their exact numbers are not yet known.

He also suggested that Chakma settlements should be administered like that of Tibetan refugees. He explained how Chakma is encroaching in the area and creating communal tension which has now escalated in full blown violent confrontation.

He also demanded to have clarity on the boundary between Lohit and Changlang districts. He also stated that the lack of a proper boundary line is one of the issues in dealing with Chakmas as they are always under the guise of locals of Changlang,  Sengpo, or sometimes as political leaders.

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