Myanmar Nationals Continues To Seek Refuge In Mizoram, Few Test Positive For Covid-19

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  • Ezrela Daldia Fanai

The influx of Myanmar nationals to Mizoram is continues unabated since the Military coup of February 1. The influx may continue as the situation in Myanmar have not returned to normal.

Champhai district of Mizoram has received the largest number of Myanmar nationals seeking refuge from the unrest in their country.

According to B. Challianngura, Secretary of Tuipuiral Group YMA, the cluster of villages within the Tuipuiral Group YMA currently hosts 1475 Myanmar nationals with 245 camping on the banks of the Tiau river.

Tuipuiral Group YMA has also made a temporary shelter out of bamboo and tin roof to accommodate over 100 people on the outskirts of Zawlsei village.

Within these camps, the 5 people who have tested positive for Covid-19 are under quarantine and undergoing treatment for mild symptoms.

At Lunglei district, there are 170 Myanmar nationals and approximately 600 at Hnahlan district.


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