11-Yr-Old Child Prodigy, Laurent Simons Becomes World’s Second Youngest Graduate, Aims To Make Humans ‘Immortal’

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An 11-yr-old child prodigy, Laurent Simons from Ostend, Belgium became the second youngest graduate, after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Antwerp in Belgium.

He graduated with summa cum laude (given to the student with the highest distinction), attaining 85 per cent.

Laurent completed his 3-year degree in just one year. He is highly talented and has an IQ of 145.

Earlier, he completed his high school graduation in just a year and a half, earning his diploma at the age of eight years.

The child prodigy developed an interest in mechanics and physics only a year ago, and soon decided to pursue the subject.

He used to live with his grandparents in Belgium during high school. But recently, moved back to live with his parents in Netherlands.

According to Newsweek, Simons could have graduated even younger, but he dropped out of Eindhoven University in the Netherlands in 2019. He was then just 9 years old.

But officials refused to let him graduate before his 10th birthday on December 26.

He now plans to study a Master’s course in Physics at Flemish University.

Simons aims to make humans immortal.

Speaking to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, Simons asserted, “Immortality, that is my goal. I want to be able to replace as many body parts as possible with mechanical parts. I’ve mapped out a path to get there. You can see it as a big puzzle. Quantum physics—the study of the smallest particles—is the first piece of the puzzle.”

Michael Kearney, is the first youngest graduate who received his degree in anthropology from the University of South Alabama in 1994 aged 10.

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