Animal NGO & Mizoram Govt. Converts Old Slaughter House To A Temporary Pet Shelter In Aizawl

Ezrela Daldia Fanai

In an MoU signed between the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary department & Aizawl based animal NGO JB Foundation an old Veterinary Slaughterhouse has been converted to a pet shelter till December 21, 2021. A pet cemetery is also to be set up as part of the MoU.

Aizawl-based JB Foundation Rescue Team for some time now is working for the protection of dogs, cats, and other animals. The foundation established on August 15, 2016, along with the JB Paws Veterinary Hospital and Diagnostic Centre has rescued over 500 animals.

It is to be mentioned that the Mizoram Government had enacted the Animal Slaughter Bill 2020 to prevent slaughtering and cruelty against dogs, which has been going in the name of the meat trade.

The volunteers of the JB Foundation are known for their dedication to rescue the abused, ill-treated, orphaned, and malnourished dogs and cats. The organization is also campaigning door-to-door to educate the owners of dogs about their responsibility to their pets.

Secretary of JB Foundation Zion Hlapuimawia, said that in most cases abused animals come from broken homes and poverty-stricken families. Also, 4% of these rescue missions require legal intervention.

The organization for a very long time did not have a place to keep the rescue animals. So, the dogs and cats rescued by them were mostly given care and rehabilitated at their hospital, and when their wounds are healed, they are handed over to an adoptee following a signed agreement. With the setting up of the pet shelter, the voiceless animals at least shall get some respite albeit temporarily.