True Elements Collaborates With Northeast Today: Supporting Environmentally Sustainable Businesses

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Teiskhem Lynrah

A food business needs to produce delicious food for it to be viable. However, with time it has become more and more important for food-based businesses to ensure environmental sensibility and sustainability practices while producing delicious and healthy food.

Here’s how True Elements, a food brand from Pune, created an environmentally sensible and sustainable business long before the pandemic hit us.

Puru Gupta and Sreejith Moolayil started True Elements 6 years back when personal tragedies hit them. Both lost a member of their families due to lifestyle-related issues and this drove them to start, “True Elements”- a clean, green, organic brand that is, “Made with Truth”.

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Not only is True Elements a brand that delivers “The Truth” of their delicious healthy snacks, but it is also one of the few sustainable food businesses that has effectively reduced the carbon footprint of their products. They do this by adopting methodologies and processes that involved less energy consumption along with minimal processing of ingredients and ensuring raw materials are sourced locally.

Apart from this, they treat their ingredients with the utmost respect by avoiding any industrial or unnatural processes while processing them. For example, instead of using the conventional heat dehydration process where fruits need to be coated with industrial-grade sugar and ascorbic acid to dehydrate them, True Elements instead freeze-dry them by removing 100% moisture and increasing their shelf life by 2 years while maintaining their color and natural sweetness.

The Jowar (Sorghum – a type of millet) which is a big ingredient in their products too is produced using a slow heating process instead of the high-speed and high-heat rolling method used by other commercial brands.

Furthermore, as part of their plans of reducing the carbon footprint of their products, True Elements sources raw materials from nearby areas making sure reaching them to the warehouse is closest and giving priority to crops that cause minimum Greenhouse gas. They also ensure their waste can be reused and have a zero-plastic option for their customers.

So next time there is a carton of healthy cereal on your breakfast table, do find out where it has come from and how much carbon footprint it has had to produce to reach you.

True Elements has now collaborated with Northeast Today to experience these delicious healthy products by offering our readers an exclusive discount.



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