Afghani Women Takes A Stand Against Taliban Resurgence

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The recent Taliban advances in Afghanistan have forced the civilians, including women to take up arms against the terrorist.

Women in the capital city of Feroz Koh of Ghor province in Central Afghanistan recently extended their support to the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) against the growing Taliban resurgence.

These women believe the continuous 5 years rule of Talibans in the nation is a proof of violence and refusing women’s rights.

After the US’s decision to withdraw troops from the country, Taliban advances have continued to accelerate.

Capturing half of Afghanistan’s areas, important bridges, roads is an evidence to the statement.

This proliferation have also led the Afghan government forces to flee to Tajikistan.

Military equipments left by the US Army are been seized by the Talibans. They continue to impose Sunni Islamic rules, thereby killing civilians, and the violence continues to accelerate.

However, Talibans believe a “genuine Islamic system” in Afghanistan is the only way to end war and ensure rights – including for women.

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