Mizoram Pig Farmers Lose Nearly 117 Crores To African Swine Fever, Govt. Mulls Compensation

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  • Ezrela Daldia Fanai

The conservative figures coming out of Mizoram is painting a grim picture for the pig farmers of Mizoram as they have lost nearly 117 crores to African Swine Fever. Many piggeries have lost their entire droves to this swine killer disease.

A Consultative Committee meeting under Mizoram Animal Husbandry and Vety Minister Dr. K. Beichhua Kaihhruai on African Swine Fever compensation for pig farmers was held.
The meeting decided the compensation to be paid to the pig farmers whose pigs have been culled to contain the spread of the disease.

The compensation scheme where the share of the state and the centre is going to be 50:50 earmarks different amounts according to the weight of the pigs culled.

1. Under 15 kg – Rs 2200/pig
2. Between 15 to 40 kgs – Rs. 5800/pig
3. Between 40 to 70 kgs – Rs. 8400/pig
4. between 70 to 100 kgs – Rs. 12000/pig
5. Over 100 kgs- Rs. 15000 to pigs

The Mizoram Govt is also mulling compensation for the farmers who have alreadt lost their pigs to African Swine Fever before getting culled. The govt will start registering the names of the owners, Adhaar number, and the number of pigs they have lost. They are to receive compensation which shall be decided in consultation with Disaster Management and Rehabilitation department.

The meeting also called for legislation for ‘Registration Rules for Livestock Farmers’ and Livestock Insurance to safeguard the interest of the livestock farmers.
Till now 168 localities and villages within 11 districts of Mizoram have been declared ‘Infected Area’ with African Swine Fever. 10621 pigs have died from the fever. 1305 pigs have been culled by the Veterinary Dept till now.

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