Advent Of Behdienklam Celebrated In Meghalaya, Albeit With Covid Protocols

Image Credit- Kitlang Lato
  • Gargee Nandi


Residents of Jowai Meghalaya celebrated the arrival of Deinklam today. Celebration of Behdienkhlam continues for three days. The festival is celebrated by the members of the Pnar of the Jaintia Community, the followers of the Niamtre tradition. Behdienkhlam means chasing away the demon of Cholera.

It is celebrated annually in July after the sowing period and is the most important dance festival of the Jaintia tribes. The festival is also an invocation to God to chase away the evils and bestow all with a bumper crop.

For this year’s Behdienkhlam the covid protocols are being followed and especially social distancing.

When the world is being held under siege by coronavirus pandemic Behdienklam which is observed to chase away disease and pestilence gets renewed significance.

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