Climate Expert Team Covers Italy’s Presena Glacier With Cloth To Prevent Melting From Summer Heat

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Climate change is real, concerning climate experts across the planet. Amid the scare, experts are now covering northern Italy’s Presena glacier with long strips of cloth to prevent further shrinking due to summer heat.

According to experts, about 70% of the snow can be protected from melting down through the process.

It works similar to a silver reflective guard placed in a car window prevent the car from overheating.

The cloth utilized to cover the wide peak measures 5-metre-wide and 70-metre-long strips.

It is used to cover around 120,000 square metres of the glacier.

The process carried out every year since 2008, took almost a month to complete.

Glacier masses had been falling continuously for the last 15 to 20 years, thereby it’s protection mounts immediate concern.

“Studying glaciers therefore becomes important in order to understand the direction in which we are heading and to be able to correct it,” – asserted by glaciologist Christian Casarotto, Trento science museum.

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