Actions Of Assam Officials At Assam Mizoram Border A Crime Punishable By Law, Kolasib DC

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  • Ezrela Daldia Fanai

Deputy Commissioner of Kolasib, Mizoram, Dr. H. Lalthlangliana has shot an angry letter to his counterpart. of Cachar Assam, regarding the July 10th confrontation between Mizo Civilians and Assam Govt. officials.

In the letter, he accuses the Assam Govt. officials of disregarding the territorial integrity of Mizoram and trespassing into Mizo areas beyond their jurisdiction.

The Kolasib DC also wrote that the crops of a Mizo farmer were destroyed in the name of construction of a road, the latter he added was done without any prior information.

“On 10.07.2021, road construction from Assam started without any prior Show Cause Notice where Assam Officials backed by Police forces mercilessly destroyed crops belonging to Mizo Tribe, resident of Phainuam Village at Buarchep in the nearby farm,” the letter said.

“The villagers including men, women and aged residents who gathered to protest were forcefully driven off by armed Police personnel from Assam,” Kolasib DC further wrote in the letter.

He has also mentioned in the letter that the incident is a violation of Human Rights and the actions of the officials from Assam is a crime punishable under ‘The Scheduled Castes and The Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities Act 1989’.

On the accusations of grenade explosion in the area during the confrontation he squarely laid the blame on elements from Assam adding “ two loud explosions were heard by Mizoram Police forces on duty at Saihapui ‘V’ and Buarchep area. The police party was deployed to conduct an intensive search for the blast site, however could not recover any evidence. It appeared to have occurred at the vicinity of Saihapui ‘V’ and Buarchep and is believed to be perpetrated by miscreant(s) from Assam to create chaos and fear amongst the forces deployed at the border as well as residents of the nearby villages of Saihapui ‘V’ and Buarchep.”

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