Sikkim : Acceleration Of Positivity Rate Despite Lockdown, Justify It With Medical Report, Demands SDF

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On Monday July 12, the Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) spokesperson M.K. Subba urged the state government to unveil weekly technical and medical report during lockdown extension for COVID-19.

Subba asserted the state went through extended lockdown since the pandemic commenced.

And the question arises on how is the positivity rate continually rising, despite the lockdown and COVID restrictions.

The state counts the highest positivity rate of 19.4 per cent in the country while national average of the same stands to 2.3%.

“Sikkim has the highest positivity rate of 19.4% in the country while the national average is only 2.3%. Other States have either high positivity rate or high fatality rate but Sikkim scores high on both counts. We have managed to test only 1.70 lakh people here which make Sikkim having the lowest testing rate. The State government has failed in every parameter of Covid pandemic,” – asserted by Subba.

He further went to report the impending third wave of COVID-19.

Earlier, High Court of Sikkim too questioned the state government on the same. It has asked the state to formulate concrete policies to tackle the third wave of COVID-19.

The state government seeking time for the formulation of stringent measures has led the division bench to express its concern for the state.

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