Arunachal Pradesh: Onion Cultivation Shows Promise In East Siang

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By Thupten

Onion Farming is showing promise in Arunachal Pradesh. A project run by the Pune-based ICAR- Directorate of Onion and Garlic Research in East Siang is yielding positive results for the farmers.
Launched three years back the program aims to popularize onion cultivation in Arunachal and the other Northeastern States. The first phase of the project was launched three years back.
The positivity in the production of onion have encouraged the College of Horticulture and Forestry (CHF) to extend its onion project to Riga Circle of Siang district, for which 10 hectares of land on hill slope have been earmarked Dr. Chandra Deo, assistant professor of (CHF) said.
According to Dr. Deo, 20 farmers participated in the project when it was launched 3 years back. He said the onion project covers almost all the districts in the state, and the hilly terrains are suitable for onion and garlic cultivation


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