China Harvests First Batch Of ‘Space Rice’ Which Travelled A Lunar Voyage

Image Credit : Andhika Y. Wiguna/Unsplash


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China has harvested its first batch of ‘Space Rice’ grown from seeds that travelled 23 days in space on the Chang’e-5 lunar probe in November 2020.

Exposed to cosmic radiation and zero gravity, these seeds weighing around 40 gm. Length of these seeds are now about 1 centimeter.

These rice were harvested at the space breeding research centre of the South China Agricultural University in Guangdong province.

Experts believe this seeds could enhance the nation’s grain diversities, and boost the food security.

China widely recognized for technological recent advances, it has now commenced to produce grain in space.

According to China, recently as many as 1500 paddy seeds have come to earth through spacecraft.

Termed as ‘Space rice’, it means the rice of heaven. China has been taking the seeds of rice and other crops into space since 1987.

Currently, more than 200 space plant varieties including cotton and tomatoes have been approved for planting.

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