Dhindo – The Staple Meal Of Sikkim, Beneficial For Diabetic Patients

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Dhindo is a staple meal, consumed in Sikkim. Recognized for their nutritional value. Dhindo is typically made from ground sweet wheat or millet, but also from corn.

Trip to Sikkim remains purely incomplete, a filler to your dish, Dhindo will satisfy your taste.

Influenced greatly by Nepal, Dhindo is a unique mixture of both health and taste. It is believed to have less carbohydrate content, that can serve as a great nutritional value to a large number of diabetic patients.

Prepared by boiling water and slowly pouring in buckwheat, ground millet or cornflour, the mixture added with the cuisine is continuously stirred until a sticky paste is formed.

The paste is rolled into balls, dipped into lentil soup or chutney and swallowed since the millets stick between the teeth.

Utensils used for its preparation is usually an iron pan called Palame Tapke and an iron spatula or ladle called the Dabilo, that helps stir the mixture and bring to the creation of a tasty comfort meal that almost all Sikkimese population love.

Although, it tends to be a dried flavour, dhindo requires continuous effort and constant stirring.

Due to its soft pasty nature, it can be eaten by any age of people, dhindo can be consumed by aged people too.

Grains like wheat and cornflour are common, while clarified or normal butter is optional. Any grain provided for to make Dhindo is grinded into flour.

Meanwhile, the millets utilized act as fibres. It can slow down the absorption of sugar and helps improve blood sugar levels.

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