Many Languages Of Northeast Might Vanish Soon Due To Lack Of Support

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KAVYAVARSHA, an official student body by Govt Of India formed by some of the National representatives of NYPF, organized the online event “ LISTEN TO NORTH EAST – #INCLUSION OF NORTH EAST IN CBSE and ICSE CURRICULUM “ under the sponsorship of OIL INDIA LIMITED in collaboration with 6 Universities of different states of North East India.

“ Listen To North East “ was attended by the three most prominent news editors from North East, Miss Myithili Hazarika, Assistant Editor, The Print, Mr. Sachin Gogoi, Editorial Lead, Asia Pacific, BBC News and Shri. PJ Baruah, Executive Editor, Assam Tribune.

The session led to a discussion of key issues as from the very aspect of being Indian, does any facial feature, religion, language, culture, race and language testifies one’s Indianness or makes someone any lesser of an Indian.

Issues like the lack of prioritizing indigenous languages of Northeast which has been creating a risk of extinction of these languages was deeply discussed in reference to the reports that states that out of 300 languages that are there in the region, 70 to 80 have already slipped into the endangered category.

The discussion also led to questioning the Central Govt’s spending of an annual amount of  Rs. 643 Crore on promoting Sanskrit followed by 22 crore in Tamil and other classical languages while near to no such expenses for preservation, research and promotion of tribal languages, the dignified panellists suggested of a more accommodating Bollywood content with showcasing the culture, land and languages of North East.

The MP Bezbaruah Committee and its report was discussed with Mr. Sachin Gogoi, Editorial Lead, BBC News, pointing the non-feasibility of a separate law governing discrimination against North East Indians as is suggested by MP Bezbaruah Report since as he said would create further a sense of segregation and alienation.

Hence, inclusivity or proper implementation of the pre-existing laws are better solutions ahead following infrastructural investments in the region. Also, the ignorance of national media or its confinement to the hindi heartland or the northern states was critically marked.

The non-implementation of MP Bezbaruah report was also spoken about and so was the absence of the content from Northeast in national curriculum as in the Indian Independence history being taught from the perspective of the rest of India while the struggle in North East states remains unknown to students. Icons like chatrapati shivaji are widely followed and taken pride of in North East while North East India’s icons like Lachit Barphukon and Srimanta Sankardev are never made known to rest of the country.

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