Losoong – The Beautiful Carnival Of Sikkim

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One of the most anticipated festivals of Sikkim, Losoong, also termed Namsoong by the Lepchas is celebrated as per the Tibetan Lunar calendar. The festival marks the celebration of crops cultivation with zeal and enthusiasm.

Although Losoong is a traditional festival of the Bhutia tribe, but the Lepchas of the state also celebrate the occasion with equal energy and delight.

Continuing for almost 5 days, the festival falls on the 10th of every year, during December.

The festival commences with priests offering ‘Chi-Fut’ – (a local wine) to the deities. After the ritual ends, an effigy of the demon king is burnt to symbolize victory over the evil.

Besides, archery competitions, feasting are also followed during the auspicious occasion. Monasteries can be seen decorated with colorful flags.

‘Black hat dance’ and ‘chaam dance’ are considered the major attractions of the event. In a colorful dance performance, Cham depicts moral instructions. Performed by the monks, music is also played with traditional instruments. They put on masks, along with traditional attires.

Dressing up like mystical figures, it is believed anyone who witnesses the dance, will be bestowed with good health and fortune. This portrayal of the event usually takes place in acclaimed monasteries of the state.

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