Pre-Historic Cave Paintings Discovered In Haryana

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Recently, the archaeologists have discovered one of the ‘largest’ prehistoric sites in Faridabad’s Mangar Bani hill forest, Haryana.

According to experts, the cave paintings, discovered from the sites belong to the pre-historic era.

The Haryana Archaeology & Museum Department Deputy Director, Banani Bhattacharyya could be upto one lakh years old.

“On the basis of tool topology, it can be said that the date of prehistoric habitation at the site may be from about 1,00,000 to about 15,000 years ago. But we have also found evidence of later habitation, even up to 8th-9th century AD,” – Banani asserted.

This discovery is considered to be one of the biggest Palaeolithic sites in the Indian subcontinent.

Besides, stone age tools were retrieved from different open air sites as well as from rock shelters.

The prehistoric cave painting in the Mangar Bani hill forest by environmental activist Sunil Harsana in May 2021, earned zeal among the Haryana archeology department to conduct exploration in Shilakhari, Mangar, Kot and Dhauj areas in Faridabad, and Roj ka Gujjar and Damdama in Gurgaon.

These rock art paintings establish a ‘visual dialogue’ between the past and the present, helping the archaeologists to understand the social, religious, and cultural workings of the world.

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