Arunachal Pradesh: Rs 24/Kg Fixed For Changlang’s Raw Tea Leaves


The Price Monitoring Committee constituted by the Small Tea growers held a meeting to fix the price of the green tea leaves according to the guidelines of the Tea Board of India. The meeting was chaired by Changlangs DC Devansh Yadav.

In the meeting, it was decided that Rs 24 /kg would be the fixed-rate, effective from 20-July- 4th Aug 2021. It was also decided that every 2 weeks the rates of green tea leaves will be reviewed.

The price Monitoring Committee asked every tea factory under the jurisdiction to follow the price fixed by the Government and not to buy the product below the minimum price fixed by the committee

It was made mandatory for Small Tea Growers Association to impart knowledge and ideas to small tea growers so that their quality is not compromised. And the committee discussed the difference in price according to the quality of the product. They also discussed the labour wage of 20 paise per kg if the product is directly delivered to the factory by the farmers.

The committee made it clear if someone is found to be violating the rule then strict action will be taken and the violator will be brought to the notice of the Changlang DC

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