Dumping ground locked along the Shillong – Meghalaya highway in Mawlai.




Seng Samla Mawlai Pyllun (SSMP) on Wednesday locked the waste dumping ground at Mawlai along the Shillong-Guwahati highway.

Reportedly Sniawbhalang Dhar, the Urban Affairs Minister who was supposed to inspect the place has taken a casual outlook to the issue of treatment of solid waste and biomedical waste dumping waste materials in large quantities at the particular area in Mawlai.

Angry members of the Seng Samla Mawlai Pyllun visited the dumping ground and locked its gates.

Members from the organization said that setting up the biomedical waste at the dumping ground was not as per the criteria or norms of the biomedical waste management rules, 2016, and created a risk for the area.

They also added that solutions to these issues are very important for the locals of Mawlai and urges the government to pay attention to this public issue.

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