Mizo Congress Leader Writes To Assam CM, Asks To Stop “Aggressive act, Encroachment” at Assam Mizoram Border

Image Credit- Drishti IAS


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Mizoram’s senior Congress leader Rosiamngheta in a letter asked Assam Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswas Sarma to stop “aggressive act and further encroachment” on Mizo land.

He also warned of repercussions if Assam continues with its aggressive act towards Mizoram.

“This will break the harmony and beautiful relationship between the states,” he wrote.

“Mizoram was never ever a part of India and when the British annexed Assam, it demarcated a boundary, which was to be respected and not crossed over by the Mizos” the letter further read.

He argued that in 1875, the British government and the then Mizo chief Suakpuilala agreed on a boundary near the Dholai river which the Mizos have always considered as the line of demarcation between the two states.

“We request you not to devise or support such strategy that would disturb peace in Mizoram. If not, we will all have to bear the consequences; for the Mizo youth cares to respond your barbaric expansion appropriately,” Rosiamngheta said in his letter.

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