Over 1 Lakh Evacuated, 25 Killed In Massive Central China Floods, Biggest In 1000 Yrs

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Atleast 25 residents were killed and over a lakh evacuated in China’s central Henan province after been hit by the massive floods, reported to be the heaviest in 1000 years.

The unprecedented floods has led the Chinese President Xi Jinping to deploy People’s Liberation Army (PLA), to rescue the ones trapped in inundated subways, hotels and public places.

Described by meteorologists as the heaviest rainfall in decades, has resulted to immense apocalyse across the country.

The rail and road transport have been totally disrupted, while dams and reservoirs have reached the warning levels.

Interior of the metro trains have been flooded with water, that reached the shoulders of citizens. Such images and videos have widely circulated across all the social media platforms.

More than 160 train services were stopped at Zhengzhoudong Railway Station. The airport in Zhengzhou cancelled 260 flights into and out of the city, and local railway authorities also halted or delayed some trains.

Due to rainstorm, several residential communities in the city are left without tap water and electricity.

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