After Nepal & PoK, China Increases Activities In Bhutan

Image Credit : The August


  • NET Web Desk

The Chinese international diplomacy in South China Sea and Taiwan Strait, has witnessed an international outcry. However, encircling India through its neighbouring countries is considered as another strategic revolution.

Recently, it’s increasing encroachment in Bhutan has mounted an immediate concern among the Indian Diplomats and officials.

Such encroachments involve construction of three villages, 66 miles of linking roads, and at least five military or police outposts on land, as claimed by Robert Barnett, a professorial research associate at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies.

“Encroachment by China on this scale – the area involved represents 1.5% of Bhutan’s territory – is unprecedented on China’s land borders. And it has not finished: In May, we discovered a plan by China to construct yet another village in northern Bhutan or, in China’s terms, ‘disputed territory,” – he asserted.

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