Meghalaya: Angela Rangad Vows To Protest Till Promised Funds Are Not Released For Daily Wage Earners

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  • Gargee Nandy

A social activist from Meghalaya, Angela Rangad has been protesting outside the gate of the Secretariat in Shillong for quite some time now, to pressurize the Meghalaya govt for the release of the funds promised to the daily wage labourers, affected by lockdowns. Ever since the beginning of Covid, income avenues for daily wage earners have gone for a toss. To alleviate their sorry state of affairs the Meghalaya Government had promised financial help, which hasn’t seen the light of the day till now.

Angela said “They are used to working like this. They are scared to look at us in the eye. People from different unions like Domestic worker association, hawkers, and daily wagers are supporting me.”

She also added “I’m not protesting for them I am protesting with them. When people raise their voices things to change.”

“Claim your rights. People should know that we can no longer have this culture of silence,” Angela added.

She stressed that people will have to continue being vocal and claim their rights otherwise govt will only dole out policies for the rich.

Rangad further added “I feel sorry for the government, it’s on backfoot and we know that. It’s a simple task to ensure that the money reaches the people.”

She had very strong words for the Meghalaya Govt, “Stop lying and stop giving excuses. Hiding and keeping quiet shows you’re weakness. Show us that you care and that you’re a government for the people. We will continue to chase after the income support which was promised last year”.


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