Pegasus Spyware : Manipur Academician Malem & Top NSCN Members Identified As Potential Targets, Phone Number Found In Leaked Data

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Recently, the military-grade spyware licensed by an Israeli firm, NSO has successfully hacked almost 37 smartphones belonging to journalists, human rights activists, politicians and other diplomats.

Now, a phone number belonging to a Manipur academician, Malem Ningthouja and four members of NSCN-IM in Nagaland, one convenor of Naga National Political Groups, has been found in the leaked data of The Wire database.

According to Malem, some visible disturbances have been found in his phone, including – unexpected calls, noise disturbances, interruptions, etc.

The database showed Malem being a potential target to the snoop commenced in mid-2019.

According to the Frontier Manipur report, although, he could not understand the reason on the same, he further asserted that during 2012-19, he was in touch with some underground groups, operating in Manipur to understand about their revolution.

Meanwhile, the numbers from Nagaland include those of Atem Vashum, NCSN-IM leader, and possible successor to T Muivah,

Chairman of the group, Apam Muivah, and the chairman’s nephew, Anthony Shimray, commander in chief of the Naga army of NSCN-IM, and Phungthing Simrang, former commander in chief.

The news portal also reported the numbers of Kitovi Zhimomi, convenor of NNPGs.

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