After Assam And Uttar Pradesh Calls For Population Control And Cattle Protection Legislation In Tripura

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Tripura BJP MLA from Fatikroy constituency, Sudhangshu Das demanded the enactment of strict laws for population control and protection of cows on Friday, July 23.

Reportedly the BJP MLA is all set to raise both the issues in the next assembly session.

Das said with the growing population of India, without the government’s legal framework to tackle the “population explosion” the country would face serious problems which would have social and economic implications.

He added, “Population explosion is a threat to the country. There has to be a law to tackle the problem. Today, India is heading towards a serious population boom but the resources are limited. We are limited to our geographical territory. So, all the state governments must enact laws to incentivize people who are resorting to family planning and accessing government facilities for guidance on the issues”.

On cattle protection, Das said, “not only cattle smuggling, but every kind of smuggling is also against the law. We must ensure zero tolerance for any kind of illegal activity. A section of misguided people in bordering areas is also used in several kinds of other illegal trade”.

The Cow Protection Bill is also important to ensure that the sentiments of the majority of people are not hurt, Das added while speaking on cattle protection.

A 2021 cattle protection bill was recently submitted by the Assam government proposing to sell beef only in designated areas that restrict sales in areas where non-beef-eating areas reside. The bill, however, has not yet been discussed and passed.

If passed, it will replace the Assam Cattle Protection Act of 1950. The bill does not allow cattle to be transported from other states or Assam without permission.


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