Mizoram Border Should Be Based On Lushai Hills Notification Of 1875: JAC

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-Ezrela Daldia Fanai

The Joint Action Committee on Inner Line Reserved Forest Demand has issued a statement appreciating the community works performed by the people of Vairengte to safeguard the land belonging to Mr. Samuel.

The statement has criticized the actions of the Mizoram Police in moving away from the border.

The JAC stated that they are vehemently provoked with such irrational incidence, and sincerely make a request to resign from whatever post held to whoever is behind in giving such orders. Instead of being compelled to resign, JAC strongly requested this concerned person to willfully resign as considered to be a traitor for the Nation for deliberately exposing the Mizo people as docile and cowardly.

JAC is in preparation of constructing Duty Post (Venbuk) for the Youth and the Army and getting ready to begin work at the earliest. For this project, JAC will conduct a Joint Meeting with Vairengte Youth on 24.07.2021.

The JAC stated that the 509 Sq. Miles has been the ancestral land of Mizos and as such this boundary line was marked as Zofate habitat by law in force, till date, under Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1875. From the time Mizoram was a District Council, the Legislators have strongly claimed for our land, and this continues till today, the Home Minister at present has even made an official verbal declaration.

All NGOs, All Political Parties along with JAC have jointly claimed that the boundary is as per 1875 and submitted this Joint Memorandum to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. Therefore, JAC will continue to make claims and as such, will construct the said Duty Post which is of utmost importance in safeguarding our land.

They further made a statement that the only available solution is to work together in unity for our land because they feel that choosing to remain silent to avoid conflict and hardship does not leave a chance of prosperity for the Mizo nation, and a political solution will be too far-fetched.

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