Assam Police Increase Its Presence At Mizoram border

Image Credit- Drishti IAS


Given the tension over the border dispute between Mizoram and Assam, Assam Police personnel have set up camps along the boundary to provide security to those residing nearby.

Cachar SP Nimbalkar Vaibhav Chandrakant informed that police teams are camping at Khulicherra and Dholakhal of the Cachar district along the Assam Mizoram border.

The Cachar SP also said that senior officers have been stationed at the Khulicherra area under the Dholai Police station.

Recently rumours of residents leaving their homes due to the tense situation on the border were making rounds.

SP Chandrakant denied those rumours stating”Some local people belonging to Muslim community were engaged as daily wage earners. The labourers were returning due to the Eid festival with their belongings from their workplace. This was wrongly reported by a section of the media that people have left their homes due to fear of being attacked by residents of the neighbouring state”

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