Assam Rifles Conducts Lecture On Water Conservation

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  • Ezrela Daldia Fanai

Lunglei Battalion OF Assam Rifles conducted a lecture on “Save Water Save Earth” at Khopai Village on 24 July.

A total of 43 civilians of nearby areas attended the same.

The main objective of the lecture was to make the locals aware of the “Save Water Save Earth” campaign and increase their knowledge about the problem of “scarcity of clean water” being faced by people worldwide.

The lecture also covered the topics like how the use of water be minimized and various aspects of rains water harvesting and ways and means to enhance the groundwater levels were discussed.

The local populace was also briefed on the means to save water like the closing of taps after use and judicious use of water for non-essential works and others were also emphasized during the lecture.

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