Arunachal Pradesh: Changlang SP Visits Village At Indo-Myanmar Border That Banished Opium

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-Tanu Bulo, Arunachal Pradesh

SP Changlang, Mihin Gambo along with OC Khimiyang visited the border village of  Jongi Havi located 20 Km from Khimiyang village near Indo-Myanmar Border (BP No. 166).

Inhabited by more than 500 individuals of the Havi community of the Tangsa Tribe distributed in nearly 84  households it was once a hotspot for the illegal cross-border opium trade. The easy access to opium also gripped many locals creating a serious addiction problem in the village.

Now Jongji Havi village is 100% drug-free for the last more than 10 years. The addicted villagers have voluntarily quit Opium. The illicit Poppy and Cannabis cultivation has been banned and drug peddlers are not allowed to enter the village with villagers guarding it.

Jongji Havi village has become a model village for those villages which are still struggling with the drug menace.


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