Extreme Weather Events In China With Typhoon In-Fa & Henan Floods

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Zhejiang province on the east coast of China saw Typhoon In-Fa making landfall on July 25 It was packing winds of up to 38 meters per second.

Henan Province of China has been hit by devastating floods which have killed at least 63 people till now and affected more than 11million people.

The meteorologists studying the situation claimed that the combined effects of the typhoon’s In Fa’s airflow and an area of high pressure in the Pacific generated by the heavy rainfall has caused the floods around 1000kms in Henan province. Sources also reported that two dams collapsed in inner Mongolia a few days ago.

Starting on July 17, the western and central parts of Central China’s Henan province experienced huge rainfall consecutively for four days which contributed to the flood.

Researchers also said that despite China is used to summer – floods but a combination of weather patterns and climatic change linked to human behaviour are also to be blamed for contributing to the excessive rainfall for a constant long duration of time.

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