Sikkim : ‘Containment Zones Should Meet Certain Relaxations’, Says Villagers

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With the COVID-19 upsurge in the state and detection of 97 Delta variant cases, Sikkim has intensified and accelerated the handling of the current scenario with stringent measures to tackle the spike in COVID-19 cases, especially in the rural areas. As a result, Containment zones have proved to be an important action.

But villagers of West Sikkim district especially the farmers and daily wage earners are suffering numerous challenges with several panchayat wards and villages declared as containment zones due to upsurge in COVID-19 cases.

According to Sikkim Express report, farmers residing in such areas who are yet to initiate paddy plantation have complained of not being able to get workforce due to restrictions imposed in these wards.

Besides, daily wage earners from rural areas are also facing severe financial challenges due to lack of job, as movement of the people from the contained areas to other areas remain strictly prohibited.

Selling of agricultural products due to COVID-19 upsurge remains difficult. Meanwhile, transportation of milk from a contained zone to the nearby collection centre is strictly restricted.

As a result of such issues, a section of residents from the rural areas has requested the State government for some relaxations in the protocols.

Furthermore, another section maintained that such restrictions only in rural areas remains totally baseless. As, the same should also be maintained in case of the urban areas of the state.

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