US Presents Air Support To Afghan Military To Stall Taliban

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On Sunday July 25, the U.S. Commander, McKenzie asserted that United States will continue to carry out airstrikes in Afghanistan, to support Afghan forces facing attack from the insurgent Taliban.

“The United States has increased airstrikes in support of Afghan forces over the last several days and we’re prepared to continue this heightened level of support in the coming weeks if the Taliban continue their attacks,” U.S. Marine General Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie told a news conference in Kabul.

The terrorist group has recently escalated its advances, bringing in massive violence amidst the US troops, ending a 20-year foreign military presence.

It has recently placed it’s grip on the nation’s territories, important bridges, and also roads connecting significant areas for trade.

The acceleration of recent Taliban advances have also led the Afghan government forces to flee across the border into neighbouring Iran and Tajikistan.

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