“Parent’s Do Not Take Back Inheritance”, Arunachal MLA Ninong Ering On Assam’s Attitude Towards Neighbours

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Ninong Ering, the Congress MLA from Pasighat constituency of Arunachal Pradesh on July 27th in a statement to a media house criticized the tough stance taken by Assam in dealing with its neighbors. He believed that Assam has no right to bully other NE states.

When Northeast Today contacted Ering regarding his remarks on Assam, he stood by his statement.

“Before separation, most of the states of the Northeast were all Assam at one point in time. Assam was like our parent. When the states separated, the land was divided among the states. It does not look good when the parent wants the divided property back from its children,” he elaborated to NET.

However, he added that he wholeheartedly condemns the incident and expressed his sadness at the loss of lives on the Assam-Mizoram border.

Earlier Ering was reacting to a media report that he shared in his Twitter handle regarding the destruction of a paddy field at Longkhojan village in Kanubari area of Longding district of Arunachal Pradesh on July 19. Allegedly armed personnel of Assam Police was behind its destruction.

“Peace should prevail and such incidents on the bordering areas of neighboring states should be settled cordially. We are peaceful and expect Assam also to be reciprocal,” his tweet read.

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