Assam Actress To Play Lead In Colors’ ‘Nima Denzongpa’

Image Credit : Surabhi Das/Instagram


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Colors TV is all geared up for its next project, ‘Nima Denzongpa’, based on a Northeastern girl, struggling through discrimination and racism in the mainstream Indian city, Mumbai.

According to reports, the show ‘Nima Denzongpa’ will be aired on the channel as well as on the OTT platform Voot.

The lead role will be played by Assam girl Surabhi Das. ‘Nima Denzongpa’ will be Das’s debut project in Indian television, who has already garnered fame for her performance in the Assamese serial ‘Parineeta’.

Produced under the banner of Peninsula Pictures, the show depicts the story of ‘Nima’, a girl from Sikkim who moves to Mumbai with her partner.

The promo of the show, also shared by Surabhi, depicts the racism and discrimination that Northeastern residents face in the mainstream nation.

It will portray how Nima overcomes all the hurdles, to prove her citizenship to citizens.

Surabhi has herself confirmed about the following through her Instagram handle. “This is how destiny works maybe.. Presenting Nima Denzongpa front of you all.. My Hindi television debut with a powerful show and narrative like ‘Nima Denzongpa’. The story of Nima is not only close to my heart but it is something that I have lived and experienced at some point in my life. I am grateful that through Nima’s journey, the viewers will get to know the struggles that people of North East India go through as they are subjected to many prejudices and even called names, knowingly or unknowingly. It is a emotional new beginning for me and I hope through this show, we can break many myths and touch million hearts… Need all your blessings and love..” – wrote by Surabhi.


  1. So glad after all these years of unaddressed racial discrimination north easterns have faced and are still facing in the mainland of our Country , we finally have a series addressing this topic . Excited with a bright ray of hope that this series will be an eye opener and will give an overview for the people who are alien to what it feels like to be treated like an outsider in our own Home country. Sadly, for most of the NorthEasterns of our country , we have lived with racial discrimination up till this day . I hope this series will speak loud and clear on behalf of North Easterns . The fear , the insecurities, the aftermath of the experience and the list goes on and on ……. that we’ve been keeping up with all our lives outside from our hometown / homestate.
    On a lighter note , I personally think for the role they should’ve taken a girl from Sikkim . We have beautiful talents in Sikkim too. A series on the life of a girl from Sikkim without any Sikkimese cast !? . I understand that this story not only depicts the struggles and racism of the Sikkimese people but the entire Northeast as a whole . Since , the story is based in Sikkim and the title given too is Sikkimese , I believe a Sikkimese could’ve fitted in the role of “Nima Denzongpa” better . Eagerly looking forward! Kudos and Best wishes to the entire team !


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