Changlang Cops Conduct Counselling Program For Ex-Underground Cadres


Tanu Bulo, Arunachal Pradesh

On Wednesday July 28, with an attempt to integrate the former Under Ground Cadres (UGC) into mainstream society, the Changlang District Police conducted a counselling meet.

Headed by SP Mihin Gambo, the following was a part of the periodic meeting – an initiative taken by the District Police to counsel and redress the challenges faced by the former Under Ground Cadres.

“Periodic meeting and counselling conducted by the District Police has resulted in many former UGCs leading a peaceful life with their families in their villages”, informed SP Mihin Gambo.

The SP has further appealed the misguided youths who took up arms, thereby residing in the jungles to come forward and attain lessons from these reformed cadres. He called upon those youths asserting to commence a fresh beginning in their lives. Thus, former UGCs will be accepted by the society, and meanwhile receive an immense support to start a peaceful life.

Changlang District Police continues to ensure that former cadres live a normal life through a dignified manner, amongst the communities. Most of them have settled down with businesses of their own or have taken up farming activities.