China Hosts Taliban Militants, Calls ‘Pivotal’ In Restoring Afghanistan Peace

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On Wednesday July 28, the Chinese Foreign Ministry asserted Taliban would play a ‘pivotal role’ to end Afghanistan’s war and rebuild the country.

Nine Taliban representatives met the Foreign Minister Wang Yi in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin. On this two-day visit, the peace process and security issues were discussed, stated by a Taliban spokesperson.

According to Reuters report, Wang Yi stated that Taliban advances cracked down on the East Turkestan Islamic Movement would prove a “direct threat to China’s national security”.

The visit between China and Taliban on an international platform occurred during a sensitive time, when the terrorist group’s advances started to ruin Afghanistan’s peace and law & order.

Taliban has recently placed it’s grip on the nation’s territories, important bridges, and also roads connecting significant areas for trade.

The acceleration of recent Taliban advances have also led the Afghan government forces to flee across the border into neighbouring Iran and Tajikistan.

Furthermore, women believe the continuous 5 years rule of Talibans in the nation is a proof of violence and refusing women’s rights.

After the US’s decision to withdraw troops from the country, Taliban advances have continued to accelerate in Afghanistan.

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