Deploying Commandoes Will Create Panic: Mizoram Home Secy To Centre

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–  Ezrela Daldia Fanai

In an official communique to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, Mizoram Home Secretary  Lalbiaksangi has claimed that a large contingent of Assam police personnel is being deployed at the inter-state border with Mizoram that includes 4 platoons of Black Panther commandoes.

The Mizoram Home Secretary has requested the MHA to issue appropriate instructions to the Government of Assam to refrain from deploying such reinforcements and to pull back the contingents deployed at the inter-state border during such tense time.

The Home Secretary also added that mobilization of such a large contingent of police by Assam at the inter-state border is objectionable and will lead to apprehensions and panic to people on both sides of the states.



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