No Explosives Recovered From Vairengte: Mizoram Police

  • NET Web Desk

Responding to a report of explosives being recovered from the site of Vairengte clashes between Assam and Mizoram the latter’s police clarified that nothing of that sort has taken place.

According to an NDTV eweet citing ANI, explosives were recovered from Vairengte on July 26 and NIA has started its probe after taking over the case from the Mizoram police on July 29.

However, explosives were indeed recovered in Champai, in Mizoram on July 21 and arrests have already been made in that case.

“No explosives were seized on 26th July. Explosives were seized on 21st June at Champhai. Persons have been arrested in that case. That case is not linked to Assam – Mizoram border dispute. Also, we are not aware of (the) transfer of the case”-Mizoram Police added.





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