Sunil Prasad – The Sikkim Man Portraying Kindness & Generosity

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Tiny acts of kindness or what we refer small gesture truly refers the mark of a good spirit. It is worth more than the grandest intention, one can possess.

This pandemic has been a tough phase for many, left without a single penny. But some residents and their small gestures are surely winning hearts.

Such an act of kindness was portrayed by a Sikkim native, Sunil Prasad. He has contributed eight oxygen concentrators, relief materials to many underprivileged families.

Son of Ashok Prasad and Suman Devi, Sunil, a resident of Jorethang in South Sikkim is an Alumni of Delhi School of Social Work, that operates under the Delhi University.

Sunil has conducted several crowdfunding initiatives for distributing the COVID-19 necessary commodities to many families in the South and West Districts of Sikkim.

According to Sikkim Chronicle report, Sunil has already distributed essentials worth 18-20 lakh, till Friday July 30.

This list comprises of – 8 Oxygen Concentrators, 2 Bipap Machines, a Simulator machine at District hospital in Namchi, 1000 surgical masks, along with rations to many underprivileged families.

He has also formed a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) named – Centre for Livelihood and Development, aiming to provide vocational training and livelihood skills to the youths of Sikkim.

Furthermore, Sunil aims to reach 1000 underprivileged families affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, he aims to extend his support to such households in the future too.

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