‘Northeast India Borders Will Be Demarcated Through Satellite Imagery’, Says Union Government


  • NET Web Desk

After the recent Assam-Mizoram massive conflict, the Centre has decided to demarcate Northeastern states boundaries through satellite images.

It says, satellite imagery will be used to settle inter-state border disputes, often standing a major concern, thereby leading to border dispute.

The following task has been handed over to the North Eastern Space Application Centre (NESAC), a joint initiative of the Department of Space (DoS) and the North Eastern Council (NEC).

NESAC is already using space technology for flood management in the region.

The Union Home Minister, Amit Shah who extended the idea for demarcation of inter-state boundaries few months ago, had assigned the task to NESAC for mapping the inter-state borders and forests in the Northeastern region.

Amit Shah has also asked NESAC to come up with a scientific demarcation of boundaries between states.

It helps in augmenting the developmental process in the region by providing the advanced space technology support.

Set-up in September, 2000 at Shillong in Meghalaya, India, NESAC helps to play a catalytic role in holistic development of North Eastern Region of India by providing Space Science and Technology support at all possible levels. NESAC includes division – Remote Sensing & GIS (Geographic Information System), Atmospheric & Space, Satellite Communication, Disaster Management, and Capacity-Building.

Union Home Minister, Amit Shah is the President of NESAC, while Dr. K. Sivan is the Chairman of NESAC Governing Council. Dr. K.K. Sarma is the Director-In-Charge of NESAC.