Sikkim : Acute Milk Shortage In Geyzing

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Recently, residents of Geyzing, the West Sikkim district capital is struggling through an acute shortage of milk since days, caused by the shipment of milk that remained disrupted due to multiple landslides.

The massive landslides that wrecked havoc at Sisney, near Jorethang and other stretches of Geyzing-Jorethang highway, is spotted as the main reason for the crisis.

According to Sikkim Express report, people are missing their daily quota of milk supply. The natural disaster has compelled them to rely on other milk sources as – powdered, homogenised and packaged milk.

Especially, the confectionary owners or bakeries are struggling through the worst. As in, milk and coffee, the major milk products are now ruled off the menu cards.

Furthermore, instead of stepping towards urban areas for selling milk, the escalated ratio of milk and cash incentives provided by the state government, has led the farmers to supply milk directly to Sikkim Milk Union.

Some dairy farmers belonging to Yuksam-Tashiding informed on the milk collection by respective dairies, located to adjacent regions.

Due to road blockage at Sisney, farmers belonging to Lumjik, Bongten and Sapong were not able to transport milk to nearby areas.

Meanwhile, farmers of Reshi, Legship and Geyzing have complained on drying of milk since the past two days.

The Sikkim Milk Union aims to provide remunerative market for milk producers in the far-flung remote villages and make hygienic milk and milk products available to the urban consumers at reasonable rates.

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