South Arunachal Pradesh Included In NSCN’s “Total Nagalim Shutdown”


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The ‘total shutdown’ announced by NSCN, marking protest against historic Framework Agreement (FA), signed by the Centre and the organization is also applicable in Tirap, Changlang, and Longding in Arunachal Pradesh, referred as “South Arunachal”.

However according to sources the people of the region has not given much heed to the call and and the situation there is seemingly normal with people going on about their day to day lives.

It is to be noted that, NSCN considers ” South Arunachal”, as a sole part of “Nagalim”.

Announced on Sunday July 1, the protest was declared against the Government of India for being silent on ” Framwork Agreement”, even after 6 years.

A total closure of shops and business establishments in “Nagalim” for 12 hours, starting from 12.00 am of August 2 till 12 noon of August 3 has been followed up.

The organization has further appealed the Naga people, public and business groups to show solidarity to the ‘Framework Agreement’ and co-operate for the successful operation of the closure.

Besides, the NSCN Regional Authorities and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) too have been requested for co-operation.

The memorandum further asserts that NSCN/GPRN attached high political value to FA, as a fulfillment of Naga people’s historical and political rights.

It states the historic Framework Agreement (FA) signed on Aug 3, 2015 between the Government of India (GOI) and the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) is yet to see the light of fulfillment as committed by the GOI. 6 years down the line, there is no positive response yet from the GOI. The Nagas cannot be taken for a ride in this manner.

“While Naga people appreciate the Government of India for recognizing the historical and political rights of the Nagas by signing the FA, the matter should not end there. What had been committed should be taken to a logical conclusion.” – the statement read.

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