View On Rails: Vistadome Railway Coaches To Run In Assam



Vistadome train services have been a huge hit since its inception in India. Already operational in Karnataka and two other states it is all set to start in Assam now.

It was started in India to provide tourists an immersive experience during their train ride. Passengers can witness the surroundings in its full glory through the large glass windows and glass roofs. They can also rotate their seats 180-degrees.

Vistadome coaches will run between Guwahati and New Haflong station one day a week, every Saturday in the initial stage.

It will provide a view of the natural scenic beauty of one of the hilliest districts of Assam. Along with the electrification of railway lines, the introduction of Vistadome coaches is supposed to bolster the railway infra in Assam and the Northeast.