Taliban Kills Afghanistan Government’s Media Head In Kabul

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On Friday August 6, the Taliban militants has assassinated the Afghan government’s top media officer, Dawa Khan Menapal in Kabul.

Dawa Khan Menapal was the Head of Government Media and Information Centre.

His murder aims at weakening President Ashraf Ghani’s democratically elected government.

Talibans, the terrorist group has also stepped up the military campaign.

Menapal, the Senior Media Officer was killed during the Friday prayers. His death in Kabul has totally shaken the US-backed government.

In a tweet, U.S. Charge d’Affaires Ross Wilson said he was saddened and disgusted by the death of Menapal, whom he called a friend who provided truthful information to all Afghans.

We are saddened & disgusted by the Taliban’s targeted killing of Dawa Khan Meenapal, a friend and colleague, whose career was focused on providing truthful information to all Afghans about #Afghanistan. These murders are an affront to Afghans’ human rights & freedom of speech.” – tweeted by U.S. Chargé d’Affaires to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Taliban has recently placed it’s grip on the nation’s territories, important bridges, and also roads connecting significant areas for trade.

The acceleration of recent Taliban advances have also led the Afghan government forces to flee across the border into neighbouring Iran and Tajikistan.

Furthermore, women believe the continuous 5 years rule of Talibans in the nation is a proof of violence and refusing women’s rights.

After the US’s decision to withdraw troops from the country, Taliban advances have continued to accelerate in Afghanistan.

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