Woman Beaten Up At A BJP Meeting In Tripura, FIR Filed

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

In an unfortunate incident, the husband of a Village Pradhan, who is an active leader of BJP, allegedly attacked a woman during a party meeting in Kulubari gram panchayat. Reportedly she claimed that she didn’t receive any help from Congress, BJP and CPIM.

Reportedly a meeting of the ruling party was held at Kulubari Sukanta Community Hall in Kulubari Gram Panchayat. The women of the village were called on August 7 to attend the meeting on the pretext that it is on MNREGA.

Women from different areas, Boxanagar Block Vice-Chairman Irshad Mia, Mandal President Subhash Chandra Saha, women leaders were present.

The leaders present in the meeting started talking about the works BJP was doing compared to CPIM. A Rufia Khatun present in the meeting claimed that CPIM, BJP, Congress, no one has given anything to her family.

At which point Khurshed Alam Majumder, the husband of the Pradhan of Kulubari Gram Panchayat grabbed Rufia and beat her up. When other women came forward to save her the son of the village pradhan locked them inside the hall.

There are so many allegations against Khurshed Alam Majumder for his alleged involvement in various illegal activities like drug smuggling.

Even on July 4, the people of the area, including the secretary of the BJP Yuva Morcha complained of corruption in the construction of a sidewall.

After the news of corruption was published Khurshed Alam Majumder also attacked Iqbal Hossain, the secretary of Boxanagar Yuva Morcha.

Later a case was filed against Khurshed in this regard.


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