Mizoram: Presence Of Tiger Confirmed At Dampa Tiger Reserve

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  • Ezrela Dalidia Fanai

In welcome news for animal lovers and conservationists, Mizoram Environment Forests & Climate Change Minister TJ Lalnuntluanga has confirmed that a tiger was spotted at Dampa Tiger Reserve, Mamit district.

He gave the news in a VC conducted with the Department and Wildlife Institure of India.

The image of the tiger was captured by Zakhuma, a Wildlife Guard on May 16 using a Camera Trap provided by the Wildlife Institue of India.

Dr. Lallianpuii Kawlni, Scientist at Wildlife Institute of India also confirmed the presence of the big cat at the reserve and stated that the Wildlife Institute of India is currently surveying the Dampa Tiger Reserve.

Speaking at the VC, Minister TJ Lalnuntluanga congratulated the Forest and Environment department team for their dedication and said that he is grateful to Mr. Zakhuma for spotting the tiger. He also called on department workers and locals residing near the reserve to continue maintaining a conducive working environment.

Many environmental organisaations and environmental enthusiasts were also present and discuss ways and step to improve the preservation of wildlife and the environment in Mizoram.

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