Wild Tea From Beyondarie- A Treat For The Palate And A Toast To Health!

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Presenting an exceptional tea that’s natural, handcrafted, flavourful, and interestingly, foraged from the forests of Northeast India.  Wild teas are the same variety, Camellia Sinensis, that we see growing as shrubs in picturesque tea gardens, but in the forest, they grow into tall trees untampered by humans. These century-old trees, on account of growing naturally in a bio-diverse forest eco-system and without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, are richer, more complex in terms of flavour and offer a host of unadulterated wellness benefits.

These antioxidant-rich, flavourful, and aromatic teas can be enjoyed pure or in a blended form. In their blended form, the wild teas are fortified with indigenous superfoods from the Northeast such as Lakadong Turmeric, Karbi Ginger, and Wild Cinnamon, which adds to their flavour and potency. These ingredients are cultivated by local farmers employing indigenous techniques, thus, are free from the harmful effects of chemicals.

The thoughtfully designed array of handcrafted wild teas by Beyondarie, a young homegrown brand from the Northeast, offers ample choice to customers to suit their varied needs and literally, a taste of the wild!  These are available online on their website www.beyondarie.com as well as on Amazon, Flipkart & Ferns N Petals.

Five enterprising people namely Mohit Narru, Dipankar Ghoshal, Boilal Gangte, Nashat Hussain & Rajdeep Bora with a common passion for wild tea, started this venture.  For some of them, drinking wild tea, especially smoked tea has been a part of their cultural heritage. For others, a taste of this unique brew stirred up a passion so deep that they decided to bring this unexplored gem to a larger audience. The team finds inspiration in exploring potent native ingredients, handcrafting wild teas using sustainable practices, and supporting local communities & the environment through their endeavour.

Wild Tea is indeed a treasure from the Northeast that offers benefits for all – wellness for people, livelihood for locals, and preservation of forests.


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